About Us

In April, 1963, Stanley Geller after working for four years bought from his father-in-law a small seasonal import business with sales of about $500,000 per year.  That was the beginning.  It was a little business of Easter baskets and toys.  Stanley was Mr. Everything.  He was the buyer, the designer, the marketer, and the salesman; His wife, Eve, typed the invoices.  He bought by traveling to Japan in propeller driven planes, and sold by traveling the roads in the United States in a station wagon filled with samples, going from Minneapolis to Miami, Boston to Bentonville, New York to New Orleans and everywhere in between.

Life was tough but good and business grew and grew and grew with the help of many, many people.

In 1981 the third generation joined and Stanley's son Alan Geller gave Fun World a real jump start in Halloween.  He directed designers, bought unique items and sold.  Honestly, he became the “Halloween Guru”.  We are now one of the three largest Halloween creators and suppliers in the world, selling in every continent except the Antarctic.

Fun World started out working with factories in Japan and then we moved to Korea and Taiwan and Hong Kong.  President Nixon opened China and we went in.  Now our factories are in China, Viet Nam and India and who knows where else it will go.

In 2011 we became the only supplier with three generations working when Alan’s daughter Samantha joined the family of about 250 employees and a 30 person salesforce.  The extended family includes a 400,000 square foot warehouse on the West Coast.  It includes our own Hong Kong office that started in 1968 and now has a staff of over 20 very diligent workers who control our Chinese production and the orders of our FOB China customers through our affiliate Holiday Times Unlimited.  Our factory in Pennsylvania, is possibly the only remaining American factory manufacturing Easter grass,  Halloween spider web, and decorative gift wrapping.

Progress and growth goes on and on.  Next year in April 2013 we will celebrate our 50th Anniversary.  And with our great staff we see no end in sight.  One of our credos is “We are doing things the second best way.”  There’s always room to improve.  We will continue to strive to improve.